Auburn Heights Senior Care

Auburn Heights Senior Care is a family experience and a family business. We are state licensed assisted living home that has been around for 17 years in the heart of Auburn, MI.  We strive to help seniors pursue individually satisfying lifestyles while providing assistance and amenities to make life easier. With our depth of knowledge, we have created an assisted living community with all of the amenities our seniors could ever need to maintain a full and vibrant lifestyle. From dining to salon services, we strive to include activities that cater to every type of personality. Our focus is to create a homey atmosphere that allows our seniors to be a part of a community, with rich interaction between neighbors, families, and staff.

We believe in the inherent worth of people and strive to honor this through the delivery of quality care and environment. At the foundation of our approach to service are fundamental concepts we believe are important to every senior and critical in our approach to creating proper environments and service delivery systems.

Quality – We strive to provide quality health care services, always seeking “best practices” to implement

Safety – Our resident’s safety is our first priority.  Staff are trained to ensure they are able to handle emergency situations.

Family – Supporting the needs of family members, involving family in care decisions.

My dad’s health has improved since moving into Auburn Heights. The management team truly cares about how they can improve his well being and have been an integral part in his care discussions with the doctors.
Ms. L Kowalski

Primary Communities Served



Bay City